Pie Design&Application which was established in 2010 is an experienced company internationally and presents booth design and application service in a big range to the customers from Turkey and Europe.

Our principles are based on service and quality. 

We produce projects in all details, realize the applications and demount them after the exhibitions. We rent booths for exhibitions. 

We, Pie Design, is a young and dynamic company that never get bored or tired while creating creative solutions and has the principle to be innovative and progressive constantly. 

With the desire to realize succesful projects together...

      Our Services

  • Exhibiton Consultancy
  • Design and application of booths for exhibitions 
    • Wooden system booth
    • Moduler system booth
    • Maxima system booth
  • Floor display stand
  • Interior and outside decoration service
  • Advertisement and digital press systems
  • Exhibition host & hostes rent service

We are everywhere in Europe.

We are giving service in European countries such as leading with Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Spain.

Customer Satisfaction,

The most valuable principle of the firm is customer delight; to comprehend the needs of customers and to meet the needs correctly. Also we aim to present design and practice which is more profitable for customers.